How to pre-book your airport parking:


How do I make a reservation?

  • Select your travel dates using the calendar provided. Enter the times you expect to arrive at and leave the airport. Be as accurate as possible. Click on “Find parking” to see the various parking options available.
  • You will now see a display of the parking options available for the dates/times entered:
  1. You may sort these by price or distance to the terminal
  2. You may also list them vertically rather than horizontally
  3. “More Information” will display a map and other useful information about the car park areas
  • The “Campaign code” field is used if you have a campaign code. Entering a campaign code will result in a discounted price when you come to pay.
  • If you wish to change the date or time of your arrival/departure you can do this using the field in the top-right of the display.
  • Click “Select” for the parking option you wish to purchase.
  • You’ll then be required to enter your personal details and payment information. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed. Other fields are optional but you are advised to provide as much information as possible. Should something happen to your vehicle whilst you are away, then by entering your registration number we’ll be able to contact you if necessary.
  • In the margin to the right you’ll see a shopping basket. If you have a campaign code and have not yet entered it, you have a chance to do so here. Rates include VAT, and this will be shown on your order confirmation/receipt.
  • Enter payment details at the bottom of the display.
  • Click on “Confirm payment” to confirm your payment and accept our “Terms and conditions”, a link to which you will also find on this display.
  • You may also cross off the box to receive information from us.
  • After clicking on “Confirm payment”, your order confirmation will appear. This will also be sent to your email address. You may print out the order confirmation immediately or from your email later. This order confirmation is also your receipt.

Manage My Booking:

  • If you wish to cancel or make changes to your booking you can do so by going to “Manage My Booking” via the link on the order confirmation display. You can also access “Manage My Booking” from our website.
  • If you use our service regularly, we recommend that you make a profile in order to avoid having to submit your personal details every time. You make a profile by registering with us at the top of the display below “Log in/Register”.

General information:

How do I find my reserved parking space?
When booking online you are not allocated a specific parking space. On arrival, you select any available parking space that is not marked as reserved or for blue badge holders (unless, of course, you are a blue badge holder).

What do I do if the signs say the car park is full or closed?
Even if the signs say “full” or “closed” there will always be parking spaces available for customers who book in advance. Use the barcode/QR code to gain access the car park. The scanner will recognise that you have right of access to the area.

How far ahead can I book?
It’s possible to book up to 12 months ahead of your travel date – and once you’ve booked you’re protected against any price changes.
What’s more if your travel plans change, you can change or cancel your booking. Refer to our “Terms and conditions” and other FAQS below for information about cancelling/changing a booking.

Can I book at short notice – for example, the same day?

You can essentially book parking up to 12 months before your parking starts (parking start = entry at car park). Note that some products may have a different timeline and if you experience that you can't book up to 12 months in advance, please contact our customer service so that we can help you. When you use the calendar feature at the booking frontpage, the optimal offers for your parking time will show in your search that is presents as a proposed booking. If you book well in advance, you will be protected for price changes that may arise, but note that prices could go both ways.

If your travel plans change along the way, you can cancel or change your order. See our "Terms and Conditions" and other questions below details on the cancellation / change.

Is there a minimum or maximum stay at the car parks?

Some car parks have minimum and/or maximum stay periods. If you use the calendar at the start of the booking process, the parking options displayed will match your requirements. Thus, if you require parking for 3 weeks you will not be offered short stay parking. In general, the range is from 24 hours to 99 days.

How do I book disabled parking?
When the parking options appear click on “More information” to see which car parks have dedicated disabled parking. If you require a disabled parking space select a car park that offers disabled parking. Please note that we cannot guarantee a disabled parking space, since it is not possible to book these specifically. Remember your blue badge and make sure it is clearly displayed in your windscreen. Customers who use disabled parking without displaying a blue badge will be charged a regulatory fee.

I have a battery-driven vehicle. How do I book a parking space with a charger?
When the parking options appear click on “More information” to see which car parks have parking spaces dedicated to battery-driven vehicles. Select a car park that has battery-charging facilities. Battery-charging is currently free. Please note that we cannot guarantee a parking space with a battery charger, since it is not possible to book these specifically. Customers who use these spaces for vehicles other than battery-driven cars will be charged a regulatory fee.

How are parking charges calculated?
Long stay parking is priced per 24-hour period or part thereof. The number of “days” (24-hour periods) charged for when you book is calculated on the times you select when making your booking. However, if your actual entry and exit time changes from that specified in the booking (for example, due to a delayed flight) and as a result your actual time in the car park runs into a another 24-hour period (over and above that booked) you will be liable for an additional day/s charge. (Note: There is a reasonable degree of tolerance built in so if you are only slightly delayed it shouldn’t be a problem.)

All prices shown are in NOK and include VAT at the current rate.

Are pre-booked parking always cheaper than normal drive-up rates?
The prices shown online and the normal drive-up rates (which you pay when you park without pre-booking) are somewhat different. While the drive-up tariffs are adjusted 2 to 3 times a year, online rates are more dynamic. Campaign prices and other discounts, for example, are only offered online. Thus, online rates are generally lower or the same as drive-up tariffs. HOWEVER, where it doesn’t pay to book in advance is if your stay is a short one (i.e. less than 24 hours).  You can compare online prices with the drive-up rates at www.apcoa.no. Refer also to the FAQ above “How are parking charges calculated?”

What is the drive-up rate for parking?
Drive-up rates (i.e. the price customers pay when not pre-booking) are shown at www.apcoa.no. Drive-up rates are also displayed in the parking areas.

How often are prices adjusted?
As a rule, drive-up prices are usually adjusted 2 to 3 times a year.
Online parking prices are constantly monitored to ensure we offer the best price possible. This means that our prices online may change more often. In theory, online prices can change according to season, peak holiday periods, traffic, capacity and other factors that may affect supply and demand.

What payment methods are accepted?
Apcoa.no accepts the following credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard, Visa Debet, Maestro and Visa Electron. The customer is responsible for validity of the card. Invalid cards will be rejected. We don’t accept cheques, cash or other payment methods online.

When is the parking amount charged against my card?
Your credit or debit card is charged on completion of the pre-booking process.

Is there a booking fee?
We do not charge booking or debit card fees. There is a small admin fee if you wish to pay by credit card, as Apcoa Parking Norway has to pay the credit card companies a fee in order to offer their cards as a payment method. This applies to all online purchases made by credit card (such as flight bookings). This fee is built in to our total price and in reality amounts to a few kroner at the most, depending on which credit card you use.
We may also charge a small fee for cancellations and amendments to bookings (see below).

How do I know my payment details are secure with Apcoa Parking Norway?
Our website uses industry-standard SSL encryption software. This protects your personal information, including credit or debit card details, and your name and address. You’ll know you are in a secure area of the website when a padlock appears in your web browser display, along with “https” instead of the usual “http” address. You will also see the following when you’re about to leave the secure area: “Are you sure you want to leave this area?”

Why can’t I choose my favourite parking area?
When you enter your travel dates using the calendar at the start of the booking process, a list of parking options most suitable for your dates and times will appear automatically. Parking options that are not available (no capacity/closed/campaign restrictions, etc.) will not appear.
Some car parks may not even be available online, for various reasons. Airports often have many car parks, but not all are suitable for online booking (for example, the “Kiss&Fly” drop-off/pick-up areas).
If a favourite parking area is not displayed, go to www.apcoa.no and check for parking without pre-booking.

Are there any vehicle height restrictions in the car parks?
This is covered under “More information” in the parking option display. In general there are no height restrictions in parking areas unless it involves driving through a portal or the like.
Multi-storey car parks have standard height restrictions. If you think your vehicle might be a problem, check “More information” before you book.

How to use “Manage My Booking”

How do I know that my order has been placed?
Once you’ve finished the booking process you’ll receive a confirmation email with a booking reference.

If you do not receive a confirmation email?
Please contact our customer service centre (see contact details at the bottom of this page). You may also generate a new confirmation email from “Manage My Booking”. You should also check your spam filter in case our confirmation email was treated as spam.

How can I get a new order confirmation/receipt sent by email?
Log in to “Manage My Booking” and click on the button to receive a new order confirmation.

I’ve made an order but can’t find the reference number?
The reference number is at the top of the confirmation email. Alternatively, you can go to “Manage My Booking” and enter your email address and post code. All bookings made with this email address and post code will be displayed. From the options available you can send yourself a new booking confirmation email.

What happens if I bring a different vehicle than on my original booking?
You always need to specify the registration number. If you bring a different vehicle than on your original booking, this also needs to be updated in "Manage My Booking" 24 hours before your time of arrival.

Cancelling or changing a car park booking in “Manage My Booking”:

Can I cancel a book if my travel arrangements change?
You may cancel a car park booking up to 24 hours before your time of arrival using the “Manage My Booking” page. You’ll get a full refund as long as we receive notification in time. Exceptions to this policy are if the price is strongly discounted or if it only applies to a short stay. Some bookings are fully refunded, while some will involve a cancellation fee. See our “Terms and conditions” for more information.

Can I change my booking if my travel arrangements change?
You may change most bookings up to 24 hours before your time of arrival using the “Manage My Booking” page. Some bookings may not be changed; others may involve an admin fee (for example, strongly discounted parking).

  • If you change your booking to a SHORTER period of stay than in the original booking you’ll be refunded the difference, depending on the price offered at the time of booking, and you may also be charged an admin fee.
  • Changing your booking to a LONGER period of stay will not incur an admin fee; you will only be charged for the additional time booked. The additional time will be charged at the price that is valid at the time of making the change. 
  • Exceptions to this policy are if the price is strongly discounted or if it only applies to a short stay.
  • If the change is for the SAME period of stay as in the original booking (i.e. only the dates are changed), the price at the time of making the change will determine whether you have to pay an additional amount or are entitled to a refund. Some parking options are subject to an admin fee.

Please refer to our “Terms and conditions” for more information.


Arriving at the car park:

What do I do when I get to the car park?
Once you’ve finished the booking process you’ll receive a confirmation email with a booking reference.

How do I find the right car park?
You’ll find a link to a map of the airport on your booking confirmation/receipt. If you’re not familiar with the airport you’re advised to print out the map so that you’ll know where to drive as you approach the terminal. There is also a map at www.europark.no.

How much time does it take to get to the terminal?
The car parks are located at various distances from the main terminal building. You should allow sufficient time to walk from the car park to the terminal building. Estimated walking times are specified on the website. Some car parks are no distance at all; others might take more than 10 minutes.
You should also allow some time for finding a parking space, taking out your luggage, locking up, etc. In peak seasons (summer holidays, etc.) you should also allow more time for traffic.

What happens if my flight is cancelled on the day I’m due to depart? Can I cancel or change my booking?
Bookings may only be cancelled or changed up to 24 hours before the time of your arrival. See our “Terms and conditions” for more information.

Exiting the car park:

What if my car won’t start when I return from my trip?
Go to the nearest call-point button (usually by the barriers), contact the car park attendant and wait for assistance.

What do I do if my car has been damaged while I’ve been away?
This happens very rarely, but if it does you must report it to our car park attendants immediately and fill out a report. Failure to do so could result in problems with your insurance claim later. See “Terms and conditions” for more information.

What do I do if my return flight is delayed, or I’m delayed for other reasons?
If you are delayed and your stay exceeds the time you specified when making your booking, the additional time can be paid for by credit or debit card at the exit barrier. Simply follow the instructions displayed after inserting your parking ticket. See “Terms and Conditions” for more information.


Contact us:

How do I make a complaint?
Our aim is to provide the best customer service possible, but if you are not satisfied please let us know. Official complaints should be submitted in writing.

You can contact our customer service centre/system control centre as follows:

- Tel.: 815 32 132
- E-mail: kundesenter@apcoa.no
- By post: Apcoa Parking Norway AS, Att.: Kundeservice, Pb 4754 Nydalen, 0421 Oslo, Norway.

If you have not found the answer to your query here, send us an email to the address above or call customer service direct.